August 7, 2023

Rankin Co. Deputy Called After Spider Monkey Locks Owner Out Of Vehicle, Gets Naked, And Smears Sweet Potatoes Everywhere

Morgan Howard

A woman made quite an interesting call to the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department after her spider monkey locked her out of her vehicle.
Katrinna Miller is a trained USDA-licensed handler. She said she took her monkey for a little ride on her property, going on a “monkey adventure”. Miller clarified that it is not encouraged for the public to have spider monkeys as pets. She is qualified because she is a USDA-licensed handler.
SpideyMan, her spider monkey, unlocked the child locks and locked his handler out of her vehicle when she walked around to the other side of her vehicle to get something.
The monkey then stripped naked and began smearing his body with sweet potatoes on the windows of the vehicle.
Miller posted on Facebook thanking the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office for coming to help her get the vehicle unlocked.
SpideyMan is a US Therapy Animals Educational Animal Ambassador. But, clearly, today he decided to act up and put on a show.
Miller said the 9-1-1 call went like this…
RSCO Dispatcher after she told him she needed help: SILENCE….
Miller: Repeated herself, and explained the situation again
RSCO Dispatcher: Giggling…Oooooohhhhh myyyyyy…I can’t wait to call this out on the radio!
Rankin County Deputy Jonathan Sanford was soon there to help and was able to quickly get inside the vehicle and rescue SpideyMan…it’s still undetermined if he actually wanted to be rescued, but that’s beside the point.
And yes…Spideyman definitely got his own mugshot after all of this.
Click here to follow the adventures of Spideyman, the spider monkey!

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