August 9, 2023

Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department Mourns Loss Of K9 Officer Kilo

Morgan Howard

The Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department is mourning the loss of K9 Officer Kilo.
“It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye and honor a great K9 deputy, family member, and friend.”
K9 Kilo was born April 8, 2013. He became a member of Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department September 24, 2014. K9 Kilo first received his certificate in narcotic detection and criminal apprehension March 12, 2015.
He has been partnered with three different sheriff deputies during his time with the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department. K9 Kilo’s last partner was Sergeant David Bean.
The police department said that K9 Kilo loved the community he served and he loved the job that he did K9 Kilo was accredited with multiple drug arrests and criminal apprehensions.
He is described as a canine that “had a great nose and was a great asset to Pearl River County”.
K9 Kilo absolutely loved kids! He enjoyed going to public events and doing demonstrations for an audience. loved to do demonstrations at public events so he could hang around with children.
The police department said that Kilo had the happiest personality. He often hit people with his “happy tail”.
“When the shift was over K9 Kilo was just as happy to be a member of the family. Happy to play with the kids and run around the yard. Strangers would not get close to the kids with K9 Kilo around! K9 Kilo would be on guard until a stranger was greeted by an adult from the house.”
On August 8, Kilo had to be put to sleep due to medical complications. There will be a procession in honor of K9 Kilo on August 16 from Friendship Park Picayune North on Highway 11 to West Lamar Street in Poplarville. The prossession will start at 9 AM.
The police department posted on Facebook saying,
“We thank you for your service and protection friend. We are eternally grateful to you! Your watch is ended rest in peace.”

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