March 16, 2022

Moss Point police officer relieved of duty after allegedly stealing from arrestee

Therese Apel

Moss Point Police Chief Brandon Ashley has recommended that a Moss Point police officer accused of taking personal possessions from an arrestee’s bag be terminated.

Authorities say the incident had allegedly occurred in late February after the individual had been arrested on drug charges and was being booked in. An internal investigation was immediately launched even with no formal complaint from the individual who had been
arrested. The investigation revealed the officer had, in fact, taken property out of the personal property bag of the individual while the arresting officer was completing required paperwork.

The officer has been relieved of duty and placed on administrative leave pending action by the Board of Aldermen. Chief Ashley has recommended the officer be terminated for his actions.

In addition to the internal investigation, the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation have begun a criminal investigation into the theft. The Moss Point Police Department has provided all documents and evidence uncovered during the internal investigation to these agencies and made the officer available for interview by their investigators.

“There is no room in this Police Department for dishonesty. We hire officers with the belief that they can be trusted with not only sensitive information, but also property and other items that come into their possession by virtue of their office,” Ashley said. “These men and women are held to a high standard, and they know they are accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, there is occasionally an officer who violates their oath of office. When these officers are identified they will be quickly removed from their position of trust.”

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Internal Affairs Officer of the Moss Point Police Department at 228-474-3660 or you can give an anonymous tip to Crimestoppers at 800-787-5898 or on the web at

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