April 18, 2023

Mississippi Man Arrested In Illinois After Found Driving With 83 Pounds Marijuana

Morgan Howard

According to a station in Illinois, KFVS, a Mississippi man was arrested for driving with over 80 pounds of marijuana in his car.

KFVS said that although marijuana is legal in Illinois, driving with 80 pounds of the drug is not.

According to Marion Police, officers stopped a man for allegedly speeding in a construction zone on Interstate 57 Monday morning. (April 17)

When they pulled him over, they noticed the 83 pounds of marijuana in the car, as well as 30 bottles of THC syrup and 40 vape pens.

Officers arrested 44-year-old William Davis, of Lexington, Mississippi, who now faces multiple charges, including drug trafficking.

He was taken to the Williamson County Jail pending a court appearance.

According to KFVS, Illinois state law only allows residents to possess 30 grams of marijuana.

People from outside the state are only allowed to carry half that much; and even then, the drug has to be sealed in containers authorized by a dispensary.

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