June 21, 2024

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Mississippi Inmate Shows Compassion to Discarded Dog at County Dump

Morgan Howard


An inmate working at a county dump became a hero for an injured, discarded dog in Noxubee County, Mississippi. His kindness and compassion should be a lesson to us all.

A little brown dog was discarded at the county dump in Noxubee County and found an unexpected friend.

Source: Southern Pup
Source: Southern Pup

An inmate working there noticed the poor dog. He said the dog was wrapped in a plastic trash bag like someone had dumped him there.

The dog’s ribs were showing and he was limping badly. He had a swollen knot under his jaw. Despite her condition, she befriended the kind inmate working there.

She immediately became his sidekick and didn’t leave his side. He fed her, loved on her, and spoke to her each day they came out to work at the dump.

Southern Pup, a local 501c3 rescue that serves this rural area, came out to the dump when they heard about the dog.

Southern Pup cares for over 100 dogs right now. The founder, Alice Gill, and her husband care for the dogs at their home and property.

Despite already being overloaded with dogs, Alice and another rescuer Jeanette heard about the dog’s condition and drove out to the dump to see if they could help.

The brown dog was apprehensive of the rescuers at first, running to the inmate she had befriended.

He patted her, reassuring her that the women were there to help.

The dog ducked her head as the rescuers approached, and finally let them pet her.

Source: Southern Pup

Alice Gill and Jeanette said they would take the dog to get medical attention and help her further.

Most people would have ignored this discarded, injured, dog. But the inmate noticed her. He cared enough to feed her, show her love, and find her help.

Alice Gill said it well in her post,

“This man, who has been locked away from society, treats them (the animals) with love and compassion. So much we have to learn.”

If there were more people in the world like him, this world would be a much better place.

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