October 24, 2022

Manager At Kroger Donates Truck Full of Candy To Desoto Co. Sheriff’s Dept. To Give Out To Kids

Morgan Howard

Source: Desoto Co. SO
There is a woman, known as the Candy Queen! She also goes by the name of Crystal Ross.
Crystal works as a manager at the Hernando Kroger, store 478. She decided to do something nice for the kids in the community.
Crystal literally filled up Search and Rescue Director, Johnathon Bigham’s truck up with candy.
Source: Desoto Co. SO
Source: Desoto Co. SO
There were boxes upon boxes of Twizzlers, Hersheys, Twix, snickers, and any and every other kind of candy that you can imagine.
The candy will be used for the Desoto County Sheriff’s Department to give to children at different events that happen around the community.
We need more people like the Candy Queen in the world. Thank you, Crystal, for making a difference in your corner of the world! We see you and want to recognize you!

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