July 3, 2023

LawFit 2023 brings law enforcement from all over to Mississippi

Therese Apel

Capitol Police Officer Catherine Collins competes in the Suspect Pursuit Course at the National LawFit Challenge held in Flowood over the weekend.
A Rankin County Deputy competes in the Bench Press event at the National LawFit Challenge held in Flowood over the weekend.

Those who don’t compete in the National LawFit Challenge might say it’s a fitness competition for law enforcement, and they wouldn’t be all wrong.

But it’s also a camaraderie event, a show of heart, and a way of living that could save an officer’s life.

The national event was held in Rankin County this year, with competition events taking place at Northwest Rankin High School and social and award events held at the Sheraton off Airport Road.

Retired MHP Col. Thomas Tuggle, who recently retired as the executive director of the Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy, says a lot of what it’s about is going on beyond when you think you want to quit.

Horn Lake Officer Tomie Chase’s fellow officers assist her in finishing the Suspect Pursuit Course after she was injured during her run.

One example is Tomie Chase, who ended up in a knee brace after a fairly serious injury in the obstacle course. She still went on past that to earn first place in the Bench Press, second in the Pull-ups, and third in the Sit and Reach competitions.

At the end of the day, Chase’s teammates escorted her on the field and helped her to finish the obstacle course that would have knocked a lot of other competitors out for the rest of the weekend.

There were competitors from all over the country, including a contingency from Texas Department of Public Safety. Some of the officers who traveled with them were formerly Mississippi officers.

The usual competition between the Mississippi Highway Patrol and the Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks was as tense as ever, with the scores see-sawing back and forth throughout the events. But some of the other departments were absolutely there to give them a run for their money.

At the end of the weekend, organizers met to plan the 2024 National LawFit Challenge and agreed to come back to Flowood. Agencies interested in competing and businesses and individuals willing to sponsor are encouraged to go ahead and get their name on the list for next year. Dates and details will be released at a later date.

Below are the winners in their categories:

Top Male Competitor:
1. Christon/MDWFP
2. Smith/MHP
3. Scott/MDWFP

Top Female Competitor:
1. Collins/Capitol PD
2. Groom/MHP
3. Romano/Roanoake PD (Virginia)

4-Man Team:
1. Scott, Christon, Barber, Gates/MHP
2. Smith, Turner, Brown, Townsend/MHP
3. Bowie, Spann, Gowen, Wells/MHP

2-Man Team:
1. Scott, Christon/MDWFP
2. Turner, Smith/MHP
3. Brown, Townsend/MHP

Mixed Pair:
1. Turner, Groom/MHP
2. Guerra, Sorley/ Texas DPS
3. McDaniel, Collins/Capitol Police

Male Bench Press:
1. Barber/MDWFP
2. Townsend/MHP
3. Scott/MDWFP

Female Bench Press:
1. Chase/Horn Lake
2. Collins/Capitol PD
3. Taylor/Southaven PD

Male Sit-Ups:
1. Richer/Roanoake PD (Virginia)
2. Turner/MHP
3. Smith/ MHP

Female Sit-Ups:
1. Guerra/Texas DPS
2. Romano/Roanoake PD (Virginia)
3. Victoriano/UMMC PD

Male Sit & Reach:
1. Blue/Texas DPS
2. Smith/MHP
3. Drewry/Fairfax PD (Virginia)

Female Sit & Reach:
1. Romano/Roanoake PD (Virginia)
2. Guerra/Texas DPS
3. Chase/Horn Lake

Male Pull-Ups:
1. Christon/MDWFP
2. Scott/MDWFP
3. Smith/MHP

Female Pull-Ups:
1. Collins/Capitol PD
2. Chase/Horn Lake
3. Groom/MHP

Male 1 1/2 Mile Run:
1. Tuner/MHP
2. Christon/MDWFP
3. Sorley/ Texas DPS

Female 1 1/2 Mile Run:
1. Guerra/Texas DPS
2. Collins/Capitol PD
3. Victoriano/UMMC PD

Male Agility:
1. Turner/MHP
2. Christon/MDWFP
3. Townsend/MHP

Female Agility:
1. Guerra/Texas DPS
2. Collins/Capitol PD
3. Romano/Roanoake PD (Virginia)

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