October 12, 2023

Jackson Woman Moves, Dog Left Crated In Yard For Over A Week

Morgan Howard

Local rescue Animal Rescue Fund and other shelters in Mississippi often see the worst of the worst when it comes to society and people’s actions. Their find yesterday was especially disturbing.
They started their Facebook post by saying, “Society has lowered itself another notch.”
ARF received a call from a concerned neighbor about a dog their neighbor left in a crate in the yard. The neighbor advised ARF that the woman who lived there moved and left the dog in the yard.
The neighbor said she had been giving the dog food and water as well as she could but the crate was too small for the dog and he couldn’t even fully stand up in the crate.
The neighbor said she called the woman who moved and left the dog about coming back to get her dog, and the dog’s owner said,
“I don’t care if that dog dies in that crate, I ain’t coming to get him”.
ARF reminded the public that there are options that are much kinder than leaving a dog to die in a crate. They added that they plan to press charges on this dog’s owner.
They said if local no-kill shelters are full, you can still take a dog to an open intake shelter.
ARF stated in their Facebook post,
“That is what responsible, honorable, decent people do if they can no longer keep their dog or cat. But when one has the attitude of this dog owner, they should never get a dog in the first place. Yes, we are pressing charges when we find the information of the owner. We will let you know as that progresses.”
If you are able to make a tax-deductible donation to ARF to help with this dog’s treatment, you can do so via PayPal at ejackson@arfms.org or through Venmo at @ARFMS.

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