January 13, 2023

Jackson company issues statement about industrial waste in Jackson’s sewer system

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Partridge-Sibley Industrial Services, Inc. announced today that the company resolved the investigation of its involvement in the illegal discharges of industrial wastewater during the period from January 2017 to October 2017.

As part of a settlement with the federal government, PSI agreed to one misdemeanor charge for negligence and to pay a fine of $200,000.00. After a lengthy investigation that spanned more than five years and was conducted by the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the City of Brandon, all the officers, managers, and directors of PSI were cleared of any wrongdoing or involvement.

Throughout the entire investigation, PSI fully cooperated with all of the agencies involved in the investigation. As shown in the settlement, PSI was not party to the actual discharges, as all discharges were directly handled by another company entirely. In this settlement, it is noted that another company generated the actual wastewater at issue, and another company also managed the water treatment. PSI was not a party to the treatment and discharge of the water, only limited transportation, and immediately ceased any further transportation when PSI learned of actions conducted without PSI’s knowledge or consent.

The wastewater that PSI transported was legally transported and was not hazardous or acidic. As noted in the announcement today, and in resolving the matter with PSI, the government did not claim that the wastewater PSI transported actually damaged Jackson’s sewer system or its wastewater treatment facility.

PSI has worked to be a good corporate citizen and is proud to be located in Jackson. PSI is pleased to provide safe, ethical, and reliable services for customers, employees, and the local community. We understand that safety and reliability are paramount in every industry we serve, from construction to municipal services. Our work strictly adheres to quality control procedures and guidelines that ensure consistent results for public health and safety.

Additionally, all of our employees have been properly trained in ethical operations and industry standards so that clients and the community alike can be fully confident in their interactions with PSI. By adhering to these policies, we aim to be a trusted partner in any
service we provide.

At a time when many businesses have left Jackson, PSI is proud to be located in Jackson for the last 37 years. Over the years, PSI has helped the City in many ways, including by saving the City over $5 million on the EPA-mandated disposal of sludge that was removed from the City’s wastewater treatment lagoons and by responding to the City’s requests to provide and distribute non-potable water to the citizens of Jackson during many of the water shortage crises.

About PSI:

Partridge-Sibley Industrial Services, Inc. (PSI) is an Industrial, Municipal, and Oilfield Contractor based out of Jackson, MS. PSI has the ability to manage a large spectrum of projects ranging from industrial, municipal, and oilfield applications. We implement proven and tested solutions for challenges that present themselves to our customers. PSI offers solutions that help our customers to achieve their project goals.

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