June 14, 2024

Inmate In Jail For Attempted Murder Escapes During Hearing At DeSoto County Courthouse

Morgan Howard

Source: DeSoto County SO
Source: DeSoto County SO

Joshua James Zimmerman, an inmate at the Desoto County Adult Detention Center, escaped custody during a hearing at the DeSoto County Courthouse.

Zimmerman fled from the courthouse where he was scheduled for a hearing. He was previously arrested and charged by the Southaven Police Department with multiple felonies, including attempted murder.

DeSoto County Sheriff Tuggle has confirmed that the Fugitive Apprehension Team is actively searching for Zimmerman.

Authorities warn that anyone found helping Zimmerman will be charged with a felony. The public is urged to report any information regarding Zimmerman’s whereabouts to local law enforcement.

Zimmerman has been described with a beard in his most recent photo, though a clean-shaven photo is also provided. He was last seen wearing a khaki doo rag, khaki pants, a white t-shirt, and jail-issued flip flops with socks.

If you see Zimmerman, do not approach him. Contact authorities immediately.

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