September 7, 2023

Gulfport Police Investigating After Train Hits Unoccupied Vehicle On Tracks

Morgan Howard

The Gulfport Police Department is investigating an accident where a train hit an unoccupied vehicle on the tracks Thursday morning.
The incident happened near 24th Avenue and 15th Street.
Police said nobody was injured in the accident.  Police have blocked the roads from Broad Avenue through Pratt Avenue.
Please avoid this area and use an alternate route if this is on your regular way to work.
The Gulfport Police Department decided to share some safety tips when it comes to trains. They said often these kinds of accidents end in tragedy.
1. Look twice: Look both ways and listen before crossing the tracks. Expect a train at any time and from either direction.
2. Heads Up: Avoid dangerous distractions such as texting, loud music, or headphones that would prevent you from hearing an approaching train.
3. Stay off the tracks: Never walk, bike, skateboard, or run on or along the tracks; it’s illegal and dangerous. Cross only at designated rail crossings.
4. Just wait: Don’t ever try to “beat” a train. An approaching train is closer and moving faster than you think. Don’t assume the operator sees you.
5. Remember to obey all warning signs and signals. Look, Listen, Live! Near Train Tracks… Stay Focused, Stay Alive.
6. Remember that approaching trains are always closer and moving faster than they appear. Always yield the right-of-way to a train.

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