May 12, 2022

Gulfport Central Middle School Suspends Six Students For Bringing Gun To Campus

Nicole Kral

Photo by Thomas Def on Unsplash

An investigation is being conduction at Gulfport Central Middle School after students brought a firearm onto campus.

On Wednesday, one of the students, an 8th grader, was taken off campus after the school found out about the weapon.

The firearm was not loaded, and nobody was hurt.

However, officials say they found bullets as well.

That student was arrested by Gulfport Police and charged with possession of a weapon by a student.

A total of six students have been suspended for the offence.

Officials believe the firearm was going to be used for a social media video.

A statement released by the Gulfport School District on Thursday said, “We are legally unable to discuss individual student discipline. Having completed our investigation, we are following our disciplinary policy regarding individual student participation in this incident. The Gulfport School District wishes to praise the students of Gulfport Central Middle School and several parents for their immediate reaction and notification of school administration.”

This is a developing story.

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