September 15, 2022

Governor Tate Reeves Announces The State Has “Officially Restored Clean Water to Jackson”

Morgan Howard

On Tuesday, the MS State Dept. of Health began officially testing water quality. 120 samples were collected. Governor Reeves said that they can now announce that they have restored clean water to city of Jackson.

The boil water notice can be lifted for all who rely on the Jackson water system.

The state has done the following:

-significantly increased water produced for Jackson

-installed an emergency pump

-fixed and re-installed broken parts

-monitored and tested water quality

MEMA said that all water distribution sites will now close. 362 semi-trucks brought water into Jackson.

11.7 million bottles of water were distributed. The city has announced sites for residents to recycle their water bottles.

A website,, can also be accessed to find the closest place to recycle your water bottles.



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