April 20, 2023

Governor Signs Bill Strengthening Mississippi Election Integrity

Therese Apel

Governor Tate Reeves announced Wednesday that he has signed House Bill 1310 which strengthens the integrity of Mississippi elections.

“The state of Mississippi is committed to ensuring the integrity of our elections,” said Reeves. “With the signing of this bill, we are taking another step toward guaranteeing that Mississippi has the most secure elections in the country. I was proud to sign this legislation into law.”

The legislation authorizes the Secretary of State to audit election procedures across all counties, improves citizenship checks, requires the Secretary of State to create a post-election audit manual, and lays out a system by which voting rolls can be better maintained by cleaning them of inactive voters.

Data has revealed that certain Mississippi counties have more registered voters than current eligible voting age citizens, indicating that a number of voter rolls do not properly reflect the existing eligible voters in that county.

House Bill 1310 can be read in full here.

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