October 7, 2022

Good Samaritan Donates 30 Bags Of Dog Food To Tunica Humane Society

Morgan Howard

Source: Tunica Humane Society Fbook
A man named Ron Szewczy drove up to the Tunica Humane Society with quite the blessing in his vehicle.
Ron purchased 30 extra-large bags of dog food and drove quite a distance to deliver it with his six dogs in tow. He takes his six dogs everywhere with him! The dog food is for the shelter’s community food bank! The food bank helps citizens who aren’t able to afford to feed their pets.
The shelter said,
“This food will go a very long way in helping our citizens that struggle to feed their pets. It has always been our mission at the Tunica Humane Society that no animal in our community ever experience hunger. For over 10 years, we have provided food to our citizens on fixed or low incomes. It makes them so happy to be able to feed their pets quality food.”
The shelter said that ever since Ron Szewczyk joined in on this ministry, it has allowed the humane society to use their donation dollars on other pressing needs at our shelter.
“What a Blessing this food has been to us. What a Blessing Ron is to us. This Godly man is truly “Dog’s Best Friend”. He is our best friend too ❤️

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