August 1, 2022

George Robinson Case: Jackson SWAT, Officers Testify in Court

Morgan Howard

JPD officers testify in George Robinson Case

The trial continues with testimonies in the case involving George Robinson and three Jackson Police Officers.

JPD SWAT Operator Cornell Norman:

Monday, the testimonies began with Jackson Police Department SWAT Operator Cornell Norman.

Norman said that he was patrolling the area around Jones Street in Jackson looking for a murder suspect in an unrelated case when he was involved in the arrest of George Robinson.

Norman was asked what happened after George Robinson was arrested. He replied that the officers realized that Robinson had a scratch under his eye so they called AMR for him. They asked him if he felt like he needed to go to the hospital.

When Norman was asked if he remembered telling the FBI that Robinson had a “pretty hard collision to the ground”, Norman said he did not remember saying that.

Norman said he did not know how hard George’s head hit the ground and when asked if he filled out a report on this matter, he said he did not.

“I observed Fox standing there, I heard Fox say let me see your hands, which the suspect, George Robinson, refused”

Norman explained that Robinson was resisting, which is why two other officers got involved. After that he said that Robinson allowed them to arrest him.

Jackson Police Officer, George Moore:

Next to take the stand on Monday was Jackson police officer George Moore. He explained that he was also in the area looking for a homicide suspect in an unrelated case. He was driving a marked patrol unit in the area for identification.

Moore explained that his job on the scene was “more or less security for the other officers heading up the investigation”.

When asked what he saw regarding Robinson’s arrest, Moore said, “As we were approaching the suspect’s house to interview the two guys, I heard a commotion, let me see your hands let me see your hands let me see your hands”

Moore said that George Robinson was “resisting actively”. When asked what did he mean by this term, Moore said that when the officers asked Robinson to show his hands and pulled him out of his vehicle, Robinson had his hands tucked in close to his body.

When asked if Moore noticed any injuries on Robinson, he said that when he got close to him he noticed an abrasion over his eye.

Moore was then asked about the officers actions against Robinson.

Attorney: “In the arrest of Mr. Robinson who did you see striking him?

Moore: “Nobody”

Attorney: “Who did you see kicking him?”

Moore: “Nobody”

Attorney: “Who did you see hit him with a flashlight?”

Moore: “Nobody hit him with the flashlight”

Moore went on to tell the courtroom that JPD usually uses AMR to respond, but Mr. Robinson refused any kind of treatment. He said that they did put a band aid on him.

The court took a break for lunch and will resume after this break.

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