September 28, 2023

Four Dogs Rescued After Found Chained To Fence Nearly Starved To Death In Jackson

Morgan Howard

Four dogs are now safe after a concerned resident called Chrissy Cheshire with Cheshire Abbey in Jackson.
They said they noticed four dogs in terrible condition chained to a fence behind a home in Jackson on Emmett Drive.
One of the dogs was white and covered in dried blood. All of the dogs were skin and bones and the caller said there was no food or water in sight.
Fleas covered each dog’s body and they are likely heartworm positive.
These dogs did not ask to be treated like this. They were so grateful to their rescuers on the ride to the vet.
Animal Rescue Fund agreed to help the dogs who appeared to be on the brink of death.
Jackson police and a Jackson animal control officer went with Chrissy Cheshire to get the dogs.
It is illegal to have a dog chained up and not have water and shelter for them in the city of Jackson.
If you want to help Animal Rescue Fund, you can donate on their website. They are a no-kill shelter and have over 300 dogs in their care. They do so much for the city of Jackson.

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