June 3, 2021

Doc McStuffins has arrived at the Mississippi Children’s Museum

Gabbi Ferreri

“The Doc is in!” at the Mississippi Children’s Museum.

”In this exhibit, what children and families will experience is all of the ways in which they can take care of themselves, take care of their loved ones, and be a better version of themselves,” said Monique Ealey, Director of Education and Programs.

The hit TV show and the exhibit showcase a little girl named Dottie “Doc” McStuffins that aspires to be a pediatrician, just like her mother. She practices her dream job on her pets, toys, and dolls.

In the exhibit, children with the same dream as Doc can doctor on stuffed animals, care for babies in the nursery, learn doctor tools, and practice their surgical skills in the surgical center.

You couldn’t help but smile when you entered the exhibit. There were little girls and boys running all over the place, going from activity to activity with excitement written all over their faces. The room was filled with laughter and the noises of the activities explaining to the kids what to do next.  It was truly a kid’s dream to be there.

“Children have really enjoyed this experience. This has been one of the first exhibits that we have had that has been like, ‘girl power or girl-focused,’ but boys and girls love this space,” said Ealey. “They love to care for one another and to care for the animals.”

The exhibit will be at the Mississippi Children’s Museum until September 5th.

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