February 13, 2023

Desoto Co. Deputy Rakes 12 Bags Of Leaves For Kids Outside Elementary School

Morgan Howard

Here at Darkhorse Press, we always love to highlight the good being done in and around the community by wonderful Mississippians.
This week, we saw a post on DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page about a deputy who went above and beyond to help out kids at an elementary school.
Deputy Iniguez didn’t want kids to have to walk out in the street because of the leaves all over the sidewalk near Horn Lake Elementary School.
He graciously raked and bagged 12 bags of leaves, cleaning off the sidewalk to help keep students safe.
Is this something he was required to do for his job? No. Did he do it out of kindness because he truly cares? Yes. We need more people in the world like Deputy Iniguez!

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