October 10, 2022

Daycare Worker Fired After Scaring Children With Halloween Mask

Morgan Howard

According to WTVA, a video of a daycare employee scaring children with a Halloween mask went viral quickly. According to the Facebook post, the daycare was called Little Blessings Daycare in Hamilton MS.

The worker has been fired, according to the owner. WTVA said that currently no one faces charges.

When an attorney was asked if charges could be filed, James Frank Jr. told WTVA the following

“It appears that it’s an assault on what they’ve done, because, I mean, those kids were terrified, they did not know what was going to happen. This was some kind of monster, some kind of creature, something. And they aren’t old enough to know that it’s close to Halloween and that people are going to be wearing masks and that’s all part of it. That was just simply wrong.”

“The kids were in imminent fear, another attorney stated, “Just irresponsible on the adults’ part. It could traumatize the children. So, assault and battery could be the charges. But, it’s up to the D.A. It could be a misdemeanor. It could be a felony.”

Attorney Jim Waide told WTVA,

“The statute specifically provides that an emotional injury is a misdemeanor — either intentional or recklessly inflicted,” Waide said. “So, any parent could see the county prosecutor and bring criminal charges.”

Monroe County Sheriff Kevin Crook said that they are investigating the situation and video.

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