October 31, 2023

Darkhorse Press, Vicksburg Daily News to join forces

Darkhorse Press

Therese Apel

Staff Report

With an eye on expanding the horizon for independent media in Mississippi, the Vicksburg Daily News and Darkhorse Press are joining forces to streamline and expand operations and coverage for both digital media outlets.

Darkhorse Press owner and CEO Therese Apel will take on the role of Managing Editor at the VDN, editing and supplying content to Vicksburg and the surrounding area’s most viable news source.

Apel built her career in newspaper, working at the Copiah County Courier, the Brookhaven Daily Leader, and The Clarion-Ledger before joining WLBT in 2019. From there she went on to start Darkhorse Press in 2021.

“Apel represents the very best of journalism in the State of Mississippi. Her site, Darkhorse Press, has become the go-to source for statewide news. She is bringing that skillset and level of expertise to the Vicksburg Daily News. We went after the very best and are thrilled to have her take over operations at the Vicksburg Daily News,” said VDN publisher David Day.

Apel will continue in managing and reporting for Darkhorse Press in addition to her new duties at the VDN. Day will keep doing his live reports and stories about Vicksburg, including holding locally elected officials accountable.

“I’m so excited about the possibilities for the future of both VDN and Darkhorse as we join forces,” Apel said. “This partnership will futher strengthen the days ahead not only for both companies, but it will also vastly improve the future of independent news in our state.”

“Joining the Vicksburg Daily News with the Darkhorse Press will allow both organizations to streamline operations while expanding our respective reach,” said Day. “The citizens of Vicksburg and Mississippi deserve a press that serves them.”

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