August 31, 2023

DARKHORSE DOGS: Sunshine, The Sweetest Dog You Will Ever Meet, Is Looking For A Home

Morgan Howard

Sunshine is our Darkhorse Dog of the Week. Now, when we say this is a special girl…she is incredibly special.


Her foster Amy Vaughn Mann, who has been in rescue for years, has fostered and rescued hundreds of dogs and she said Sunshine truly stands out.

Amy said Sunshine is so wonderful and well-behaved, that she could potentially be service dog material (and she said she doesn’t say this lightly).

Sunshine has been living in a home environment, with Amy since May. She is very well-socialized and loves boat and car rides.

Amy says Sunshine was dumped with two of her puppies on a land rig in Oklahoma. After a snowstorm one day, the workers never saw her puppies again.

Sunshine stayed around the land rig and was fed by the guys working there.

Amy said nobody ever touched her until she got up there to visit her boyfriend. She said within ten minutes, Sunshine realized she could trust her, and let Amy love on her.

Sunshine is two years old and one of the best dogs you will ever meet.

She is great with other dogs and is currently living with four small dogs and several cats.

If you want to meet Sunshine and see if she would be a good fit for your family, you can contact Amy Vaughn Mann at 601-214-1312,

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