July 5, 2023

DARKHORSE DOGS: Leo, The Dog Who Had Given Up On Life, Gets A Second Chance

Morgan Howard

The Tunica Humane Society shared the sweetest dog that we knew we had to feature for Darkhorse Dogs.
This sweet boy has lived through hell and deserves the best going forward. If this doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, I’m not sure what will.
Here’s what the Humane Society posted on their page,
“This was a face I couldn’t get past. I went back to the message several times, trying to figure out how we could help this pitiful little soul. A woman has been feeding him for four days down the road from where she lives between Crenshaw and Sardis. He wouldn’t come near her. We talked about us trapping him but I wasn’t sure when we would have the time to go over there.
Last night, when she was driving home she didn’t see him in his regular spot. Her heart immediately sank. She thought he might have passed away in the heat and the fact that he was so starved. Then she got to her property and this little dog was lying in her yard. She sat down and he crawled into her lap.”
The Tunica Humane Society told the woman to get the dog to the vet and they would take care of him from there.
The vet, Dr. Lisa, said she thinks he is 4-5 years old. The pup was beaten down in so many ways. He was covered in wounds and scars and both of his front feet were deformed but not broken. He is heartworm positive as well.
Dr. Lisa said that the only thing that was really working on this poor boy was his tail that couldn’t stop wagging, and his big smile. You could just sense that he was so grateful to be rescued.
Workers at the Tunica Humane Society decided to call him Leo and are now looking for a loving foster home for this sweet guy until he gets adopted.
“Please consider fostering Leo for us. He has waited a long time for today. He deserves so much love and attention. So much more than we can give at the shelter.”
A foster doesn’t have to pay a dime. They simply have to provide love and a home for the dog until they get adopted (or as long as they are able to foster).
“Look at that face and tell me he doesn’t touch your heart. He touched my heart so deeply, I kept going back to that message. I knew this was a dog we needed to help, somehow, someway. I truly believe God led Leo to that
house last night. All in God’s plan so we could give Leo a second chance in life.”
If you are interested in fostering or eventually adopting Leo, please contact the Tunica Humane Society at 662-519-1700 or email them at swrealty1@hotmail.com.
To visit their website, please click HERE! You can donate to Theo’s care by donating to the humane society!

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