August 29, 2023

Murder Trial Of William Napoleon Edwards Ends In Hung Jury

Therese Apel

Assistant District Attorney Brad McCullough addresses the jury during closing arguments.
William “Napolean” Edwards

TUESDAY 10:50 AM UPDATE: According to court officials, on the second day of deliberations, the jury could not reach a verdict and decide whether William “Napoleon” Edwards was guilty.

After more than 6 hours of deliberation, the trial ended in a hung jury.


MONDAY 10 PM UPDATE: After deliberating for five hours, the jury was allowed to go home with instructions from Judge Faye Peterson not to look at any coverage of the case on social media or other media sources. Deliberations resume Tuesday morning.


MONDAY 4:00 PM UPDATE: Closing arguments have concluded.



Attorneys are in Hinds County Circuit Court this afternoon giving closing arguments in the trial of radio/internet personality William “Napolean” Edwards, also known as “Polo.”

After five days of trial last week, the defense rested today. The case will go to the jury once closing arguments are finished.

Edwards is accused of killing Better Men Society Founder Robert Davis on May 1, 2022. Court testimony from witnesses and police indicate that he allegedly went to the Clinton home of star witness Shadow Robinson, a woman with which he had an affair, and fatally shot Davis.

The defense has implied perhaps Robinson was the shooter, and said that Edwards was not there that day. Robinson testified that she saw him standing over Davis’ body.

We will update as this stage of the case evolves.

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