June 24, 2024

Claiborne County Sheriff warns against dangers of gel blasters

Therese Apel

Source: Wikipedia

A Mississippi sheriff is asking citizens to consider the risk of carrying toy guns that look real.

Late last week, the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Department asked citizens to avoid Orbeez guns in order to protect their children and community.

Sheriff Edward Goods mentioned “the recent increase in the presence of Orbeez guns (also known as gel blasters) in our community.”

“While these toys are designed for recreational use, they closely resemble real firearms, which poses significant dangers,” the post reads.”In the past few days we have had businesses, homeowners, and parents reporting concerns for these children.”

Around the country, several cases have made the news when a police officer has shot a child or a teen who had a toy gun. The post states that the Orbeez guns bear a strong resemblance to actual guns, which the sheriff says “can create confusion and alarm.”

“This resemblance can lead to unintended and potentially tragic consequences, particularly in situations where law enforcement or other individuals may perceive a threat,” the post states.

“For the safety of our children and community, we urge parents to discuss the risks associated with Orbeez guns with their children. Please ensure that these toys are used responsibly and kept out of public spaces where they might be mistaken for real firearms.”

“Your cooperation is essential in preventing any accidents or misunderstandings that could lead to someone getting hurt. Let’s work together to keep Claiborne County a safe and welcoming place for everyone,” the Sheriff wrote. “Thank you for your understanding and assistance.”

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