October 11, 2023

Child Critically Injured In ATV Wreck In Covington County; Community Rallying In Prayer

Morgan Howard

According to WDAM, an 8-year-old named Bryce Humphrey was critically hurt in an ATV accident on Tuesday.

Sheriff Darrell M. Perkins in Covington County said the crash happened at the child’s grandparents’ home around 3:30 p.m.

The grandfather went inside for a moment and when he came back outside, the 4-wheeler had overturned in the field.

He drove into the field to check on his grandson and found Humphrey unconscious underneath the ATV. He immediately transported him to Covington County Hospital.

WDAM reports that the sheriff said a neighbor saw the boy riding the ATV and said he was being very safe and responsible.

When the child arrived at the hospital, doctors couldn’t find a pulse and immediately began resuscitation efforts.

According to Pastor Chad Cummins from Evergreen Baptist Church, the child did not have a pulse for 30 minutes. He said doctors began to prepare to tell the family awful news when suddenly Humphreys had a pulse again.

Doctors were able to get the child stable and he was airlifted to Batson Children’s Hospital in Jackson.

WDAM said that the child was still unconscious but in stable condition. He is working on breathing independently.

“There were a lot of miracles that happened last night,” said Cummins.

While Humphrey is improving, Cummins said he isn’t out of the woods yet.

“The main thing and main prayer is that he was, you know, without oxygen,” said Cummins. “We don’t know how that will affect his organs or his brain.”

WDAM reports that recent social media posts by the family say recent scans and tests are showing promising results.

The parents are begging the community for prayers for their child. “They know it’s God in heaven that will heal him”.

Tomorrow night, there will be a prayer vigil at 7:30 p.m. at the Seminary Elementary School where Humphrey attends as a third grader.

Community leaders and Sheriff Perkins invited everyone to join them at the flagpole outside of the school.

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