April 20, 2023

Byram Man Charged With Murder After Allegedly Pouring Gasoline, Lighting Group Of People On Fire

Morgan Howard

On Easter Sunday, April 9, first responders were called to a structure fire on Gary Drive in Byram just after 7:00 p.m.

When officials arrived, the structure was fully engulfed in flames and several individuals outside the structure were severely burned.

EMS ground and air support responded to the scene to treat multiple patients. While putting out the fire, officials found the body of a man inside the home.

He was identified as 77-year-old Filiberto Torres. Five patients were transported to UMMC for critical injuries and one patient was transported to Baptist hospital for non life-threatening injuries.

Two days after the fire one of the men being treated at the hospital died from his injuries. He was identified as Hose Thomas Segura Juarez.

After a joint investigation with Byram police and District Fire Marshall, it was determined that the fire was intentionally set by suspect Marcos Uriel Lara Perez.

Police said that Perez threw a bucket of gasoline on all of the victims in the kitchen of the house, then ignited the fire using a BIC cigarette lighter, causing the home to go up in flames.

The suspect was also injured in the fire and is being treated at a burn facility in Alabama

Perez is being charged with two counts of Capital Murder and 3 counts of aggravated assault.

The three other victims from the first are still currently hospitalized.

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