June 7, 2021

2021: Bude police chief hires first female officer in Franklin County history

Therese Apel

Bude Police Officer Kylene Lowe is sworn in as the first female officer in Franklin County history.

It seems like a throwback to the past when you say it out loud, but it’s real.

Kylene Lowe lined up and put her hand on the Bible last week and took an oath to protect and serve the town of Bude. That’s something police officers do every day.

But Lowe is — even in 2021 — the first female officer ever hired by the department. In addition, she’s the first Black female officer in Bude.

“A lot of people may count females out, but you can’t do that. She can handle herself. She can get down and dirty with us,” Cain said, adding that it’s past time that Franklin County had a female officer.

Bude Police Chief Reggie Cain (far left) and Capt. Kenneth Short (far right) welcome new hires Kylene Lowe and Tommy Gibson.

“It feels great because I’m the youngest police chief in Mississippi and the first Black police chief in Bude,” he said. “We’re making history.”

Cain was hired last year as the youngest police chief in Mississippi, turning 25 on the day he was hired. He said bettering and growing the department is a priority as he protects and serves as top cop. He said when he took over, the department was a little “behind the times.”

“I’m trying to bring everything up to date,  and it’s going to take a while,” he said. “The board agrees with me and they like the progress we’re making. Even though it’s only been 8 months, they see the progress.”

Lowe is also a deputy at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.

“She’s always out in the community helping out,” said Cain, who said he knew of Lowe through working with the sheriff’s department during his time as a Brookhaven police officer.


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