June 24, 2024

Suspect Arrested In Deadly Hit And Run Incident At Jackson Liquor Store

Morgan Howard

Source: Liquor Store Owner
Source: Liquor Store Owner

UPDATE: Detectives have arrested Jamarl Chambliss in connection to this case. Jamarl Chambliss is charged with Murder.

Source: JPD
Source: JPD


Jackson police are investigating after a person was hit by a truck in the parking lot of Liquor Connection early Monday morning.

The liquor store sits at 5319 I-55 in Jackson just off the interstate.

According to the owners of Liquor Connection, the incident happened at 6:35 a.m.

Surveillance video shows a white box truck driving the wrong way on West Frontage Road and turning into the liquor store parking lot.

The liquor store owner said the truck came from the parking lot next door. The truck is seen stopping at the entrance of the parking lot for a moment near the victim, who was standing near the road.

The victim then continues walking into the parking lot of Liquor Connection.

Next, you can see the white truck turn quickly and speed up, running over the individual, and killing them.

Jackson Police confirmed this is the city’s #58th homicide of 2024.

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