Balloon Glow, Fireworks In Canton Over Fourth Of July Weekend

Elijah Mangum

The Canton Championship Hot Air Balloon Festival dazzled spectators across the metro over the holiday weekend.

The four day event is most known for the annual hot ballon glow and fireworks which takes place both in Canton and Northpark.

Balloon Meister Ken Johnston enjoys the community’s response to his team’s balloons more than anything else.

“When hit those burners and it starts standing up, their eyes get big and get a big kick out of it. That’s what I love about this.”

There was also runs, walks, bike rides, music, costumed characters, and a golf ball drop fundraiser for The Good Samaritan Center.

According to Canton Tourism Director JoAnne Gordon, recent dangerous heat created some hurdles in the planning process.

“It’s been a challenge for the balloonists and all who are participating,” said Gordon. “Everyone still says ‘No’, we are coming. Let’s do it! They just come prepared and know what do.”

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