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July 20, 2021

Expert: Health Insurance is not Healthcare

Nicole McCardle

By: Will Moon, Vanguard Medical

Do you know the number one killer in the U.S.?

Heart disease?

No, it’s procrastination.

Putting off checkups and lifestyle changes is the leading cause of premature death. So what can you do about it? For one, you need a primary care doctor even if you feel fine. One who will take the time to know you and your medical history and be available immediately whenever you really need them.

The best primary care doctor would remind you to be healthy, provide same day visits, and always be a simple text or call away anytime night and day. People with this kind of doctor patient relationship don’t waste time waiting for return calls, sitting around the doctors office waiting, or hassling with insurance requirements.

You will also save a lot of money over time. Research shows this kind of access results in fewer ER visits, hospitalizations, specialist visits, MRI/CT scans, surgeries, and other out of pocket expenses. Of course with today’s insurance plans you pay first for all of these.

You’re thinking “Right there’s not a doctor like that who exists…who you can see right away. They have lousy customer service…”. Ever wonder why? Who pays your doctor? The answer makes all the difference to your access and customer service experience.

Technically, the doctor doesn’t work for you, they work for your insurance company and spend a lot of time and money meeting their requirements. They include inexpensive and predictable primary care services under the umbrella of health insurance and insert several middle men between you and your doctor that continue to jack up the cost to you, the patient. The one who is supposed to be served first and foremost in the traditional system.

For many, your employer will choose a broker – that sells an insurance carrier – who contracts with a doctor’s practice – who pays the doctor. Forty cents of every dollar spent pays for the relationship between your doctor and the insurance company. That’s why most are unavailable and too busy to see patients. The average primary care physician sees 3.5 times as many patients as a specialist, for an average of 7 minutes, with a typical appointment wait period of 29 days.

It’s getting worse. By 2025 there will be a shortage of more than 50,000+ primary care doctors. This inefficient system is raising your healthcare cost, limiting your access to your doctor, and leading to poor health. So don’t count on your insurance to guarantee you quality healthcare. Health insurance does not equal healthcare. Fortunately, some doctors have started to work directly for you. This new and different approach is called Direct Primary Care (DPC). It’s next gen, insurance free primary care.

Doctors can now provide better quality primary care at lower cost with higher patient care with a flat fee per month.

– Same day virtual visits
– At-home care
– At-home Rx delivery
– At-home Imaging
– Discount Rx and Labs
– Preventive Care
– Goal oriented care plans
– And More!

People with direct access memberships can choose cheaper medical insurance plans that complement DPC services saving even more money on healthcare. You’ll be amazed at the true convenience of better, more cost effective primary care.

Will Moon is the Practice Manager at Vanguard Medical. Him and his team are working hard to make Mississippi healthy. See their website ( Vanguard Medical ) for membership details.

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