January 18, 2022

Former Mayor Tony Yarber: ‘This low life kicked in my daughter’s door’

Therese Apel

Jermazzeo Aldridge

(Editor’s Note: January is Stalking Awareness Month. If you are being stalked, resources are available here.)

Former Mayor Tony Yarber says when his daughter’s door was kicked in last night by an armed intruder, that alleged assailant was a man she had broken up with over a year ago.

Yarber posted on Facebook Tuesday morning with a picture of Jermazzeo Aldridge, his daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

“This low life kicked in my daughter’s door last night, shot in the house while my grandson and his playmate were upstairs, drug her out of the house and beat her. Then, he ran from me when I got there,” he wrote.

Aldridge and Yarber’s daughter had dated for nine years through high school and broke up in the last year and a half or two years, the former Jackson mayor said. In the time since the two broke up, Yarber said Aldridge has continued to harass and terrify his daughter, allegedly doing things like slashing her tires, putting sugar in her gas tank, and showing up at her job.

There have been threats before, Yarber said, but so far nothing of this magnitude had happened. As a matter of fact, she had moved to a new apartment and there hadn’t been any really recent problem since Aldridge didn’t appear to know where she lived.

Yarber’s daughter and a friend of hers had taken their children to dinner and then to a trampoline park where they ran into some of Aldridge’s family members, he said. From there they went back to Yarber’s daughter’s apartment and sent the kids upstairs to play video games.

“They turned on the TV and five minutes later he kicks the door in,” Yarber said.

That’s when Aldridge ordered Yarber’s daughter’s friend out of the apartment, but they started to fight Aldridge in spite of the fact that he was armed, Yarber said. As they fought, the gun went off, leaving a bullet lodged in the ceiling with the children upstairs. Aldridge got free of the friend, Yarber said, and attacked his daughter.

She was able to get out of the house and hide under the car, Yarber said.

“My grandson is traumatized,” Yarber said. “He’s absolutely traumatized.”

Yarber got the call around 11 p.m., telling him to come to his daughter’s apartment ASAP. He pulled up to see her standing there with her mother, and Aldridge was walking toward them until he saw Yarber get out of the truck.

(Story continues after Facebook embed.)

At that point Yarber said Aldridge took off running, and Yarber gave chase. As they neared the front of the apartment complex, they found police officers who had had some miscommunication on which apartment they needed to be going to. Yarber’s ex-wife was able to tell the police the correct number, but in that interchange somewhere, Aldridge slipped away.

Yarber said in the time Aldridge dated her daughter, he got to know him fairly well. He said it’s his belief that Aldridge didn’t like the idea of her being anywhere with another man.

“That’s exactly why he did it,” Yarber said. “Last night, she looked me in the eyes and said, ‘Daddy, he’s coming back because he wants me dead.”

Yarber said Aldridge had made claims to his daughter of being involved in some violent crimes.

“I’m not going after him,” Yarber said. “I’m going to let law enforcement do their jobs. But if he shows up again, I’m going to protect her.”

We have reached out to Jackson Police Department Chief James Davis and spokesman Sam Brown for information on this case. We will update when we have more.

If you know anything about this crime, please contact Jackson Police Department at 601-960-1234 or Central Mississippi Crime Stoppers at 601-355-TIPS (8477)

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