January 8, 2022

Jackson gas station owner says teen’s murder did not happen at his store

Mary Apel


A Jackson gas station owner says his business has lost customers since police reported a teen’s shooting death there, according to WLBT.

The owner of Eagle Gas Station on Capitol Street says he has surveillance video that shows four teenagers entering his store on Tuesday. He says he heard gunshots a minute after they left his store.

JPD reported the four were shot in a car that night at the station, with 14-year-old DeMarcus McGinnis dying from his injuries.

”I want to tell police, make the correct report. You’re making us look bad, making the store look bad. Now everyone thinks that the store- we have signs that say ‘Do not come in with guns.’ We’re trying not to let people come in with guns, but we do the best we can.

No one has been arrested yet in this case.


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