January 7, 2022

Find a homecooked meal-feel at Laid Back Burger Shack in Florence

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A burger is being prepared at Laid Back Burger Shack in Florence

By: Elijah Mangum
Darkhorse Press Intern

There’s nothing better than fries fresh out of the oil and a nice homemade burger by its side.

One small restaurant in Florence, Laid Back Burger Shack, has become popular for its unique, homemade menu.

Owner Joseph Gaudet is happy to talk about the restaurant’s story and it’s success. Known to his friends as “Paul,” Gaudet founded Laid Back Burger Shack in 2010 after the building came up for rent across from his snowcone stand by the Ramey’s in Florence.

Growing up in the food industry, he wanted to start a non-fast food restaurant that is committed to fresh, homemade cooking. Everything is made from scratch and is only cooked until it is ordered.

Gaudet, who is not a Florence native but moved in following Hurricane Katrina, credits the community for his success. He says his little town has been a Godsend to his business.

“You can ask anybody, it’s hard to run a small business in a small town, but Florence is one of the best places I ever lived,” said Gaudet.

Laid Back Burger Shack is located on 200 South Church Street in Florence, MS, and you can contact them by calling 601-891-8233.

Laid Back Burger Shack in Florence

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