January 6, 2022

Police arrest man suspected in Rankin County gas station burglary

Therese Apel

Travis Parker

A man is in custody in Rankin County after police say he rammed the front door of a gas station with a truck and then robbed the store.

The Rankin County Sheriff’s department said in a release that on Sunday, Rankin County received a call for a business burglary at the Huff & Stuff gas station on Highway 18 in Puckett. Deputies responded to the scene and noticed that the front glass door had been smashed and there was merchandise strewn in the parking lot.

When the store owner arrived, deputies were able to review video footage of the incident and identified a black male driving a beige GMC truck. The suspect used his vehicle to ram the front door and break the glass, and then he went in the store, grabbed merchandise and carried it to his truck, dropping some items in the process.

When an investigator arrived on scene, he was able to review the video and the items left in the parking lot. The investigator was able to lift a fingerprint from one of the items left behind at the scene. The fingerprint was then taken to the Mississippi Crime Lab and came back to Travis Parker of Jackson. A BOLO was then put out for Parker and the vehicle used in the burglary.

At around 8 p.m. Monday January 3, a Pearl police officer observed a vehicle matching the description listed in the BOLO. When the officer tried to stop Parker, he fled. Rankin County and Pearl PD chased him until he was taken into custody.

Parker was transported to the Rankin County Jail and charged with business burglary and receiving stolen property after it was discovered that the vehicle he was in was stolen. Rankin County District Attorney Bubba Bramlett will bring Parkerbefore Rankin County Court Judge David Morrow for an initial appearance.

“The quick work and subsequent arrest of Parker was made possible only through the great work of Rankin County deputies and investigators as well as the Mississippi Crime Lab and the Pearl Police Department,” said the release. “This is yet another case that shows the cooperation in the law enforcement profession and what it can accomplish. Sheriff Bryan Bailey would like to thank all of the agencies involved in the investigation and arrest of Travis Parker.”

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