January 6, 2022

Pascagoula officer’s body cam catches pickup basketball game with local youths

Therese Apel

A Pascagoula officer's body cam caught a pickup game with some local teens

An officer’s body cam was left on when he and his recruit happened upon some young men playing basketball at a local park.

For about 1:30, Officer Perez and Recruit Horn can be seen on the body cam playing with the group, and it looks like they’ve got some skills! Perez gets a call on the radio, which winds things down, but as the two are leaving, the other players gave them high-fives and handshakes, and one even jokingly offers up the ball and asks if Perez will sign it.

We called Pascagoula PD and asked for more information, and if we hear back, we will update this really heartwarming story.

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