September 3, 2021

Darkhorse Press policy on law enforcement elections

Therese Apel

Part of our promise at Darkhorse Press is that we don’t do politics. And we don’t.

But upon review, an election involving a law enforcement official – whether it be a sheriff, police chief, or district attorney – does fall in our lane. There are important decisions to be made in coming weeks, and we want our friends, readers, viewers, and followers be as informed as possible.

We will cover candidates and their platforms; and we will cover the outcome of the election. That said, we won’t be chasing candidates around the campaign trail due to the limitations of a small staff, especially when there is a large field to cover.

But if there is a candidate who would like to do an interview with us, we are happy to sit down with them and do that. We will publish highlights of the interview on our website as well as social media, and we will post the entire uncut interview on our website as well.

We want to keep things wholesome and positive, so we will ask that the candidates keep their discussion to their own platforms, and not criticize or attack any other candidates. Any divergence from this will be removed from the interview when it’s published in full.

If you are a candidate for an elected law enforcement position, or if you represent a candidate, we’d love to hear from you and we’d love to sit down and get your platform out there.

Remember our brand promise: “We promise to report the unfiltered truth regardless of personal or political consequences. We will not sacrifice integrity to win the favor of any audience.”

Email and we’ll set something up. Thanks again!!

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