August 26, 2021

Perry County deputies seize $320k in cocaine during traffic stop

Therese Apel

Around $320,000 worth of cocaine seized by Perry County
Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Garza

Perry County deputies seized more than $300,000 in cocaine Wednesday night during a traffic stop.

A release from Perry County Sheriff’s Department says that Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Garza, 37, was arrested and charged with careless driving and aggravated drug trafficking after he was pulled over on Highway 98 in New Augusta.

After further investigation, deputies located a hidden compartment in the vehicle that held around 8 kilos (or a little more than 17 1/2 pounds) of cocaine.

The vehicle was taken to the sheriff’s department so that 12-Net Metro Narcotics could assist in the search. The street value of the cocaine was about $320,000.

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