June 27, 2022

Comic Con features costumes, fun, and fandom

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Captain Jack Sparrow is confronted by Darth Vader at this weekend's Comic Con at the Trade Mart in Jackson.

By Elijah Mangum
On Assignment for Darkhorse Press

The annual Mississippi Comic Con brought nerds of all fandoms to the Mississippi Trade Mart this weekend.

The convention hosted celebrity photo ops and Q&A panels with the likes of “Harry Potter” star Matthew Lewis, “Addams Family” star Christina Ricci, voice actors such as Kevin Conroy, and more.

There were also dozens of vendors, video game tournaments, and three cosplay competitions.

Brittney O’Neal, dressed as Zelda from “Super Smash Bros Ultimate”, won the craftsmanship competition.

“I am very excited! I have always competed, but I have actually for the last 12 years ran a contest. So, this is the first time coming back to compete, and I won. I am baffled,” said O’Neal. “Zelda means alot to me. I grew up with it. She is such a regal character with a varied sense of homiablity. She has a sense of protecting her people. This is how I feel about my family and stuff like that. She holds a very near and dear place in my heart.”

Neomi Saurewin, dressed as Princess Tutu from the anime “Princess Tutu,” won the masquerade competition.

“This character is very special to me. It was the first anime I watched. The show really brought me into dance growing up. I love her!” said Saurewin.

Autumn Ellis, dressed as Shoto Todoroki from the anime “My Hero Academia”, won the kids competition.

“He’s cool. He has two powers, ice and fire,” said Ellis.

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