May 11, 2022

Pearl Man Sentenced to Twenty Years in Prison for Felony Aggravated Domestic Violence

Nicole McCardle

Edward (Robby) Robert Harvey of Pearl has been sentenced to twenty years in the Mississippi Department of Corrections for the felony offense of Aggravated Domestic Violence.

Harvey received the charge of domestic violence on April 15, 2021 when Pearl Police responded to a domestic violence call at the home of Robby Harvey.

Before authorities arrived, the victim had ran from the home of Harvey to a neighboring home.

Upon arrival, Pearl Police immediately located the victim and saw that she had several injuries including a gun barrel imprint on her forehead, severe swelling to her face, and choke marks on her neck – but otherwise she was safe.

“Harvey held a gun to the victim’s head, threatened to kill her, hit her multiple times in the face with the gun, and strangled her to the point of nearly passing out. Fortunately, the victim was able to escape to her neighbor’s house, or the outcome could have been much worse,” said Bubba Bramlett, the Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney.

According to the report, Harvey was uncooperative during the arrest leading to a 30-minute standoff with officers.

Ultimately Pearl Police was able to apprehend and arrest him.

Harvey was was found guilty of the offence on March 22, 2022; he was sentenced to twenty years in prison on May 9.

Bramlett added: “Our prayers go out to the victim as she recovers from Harvey’s abuse. She was extremely brave and courageous to stand up against her abuser. I want to thank the Pearl Police Department for the outstanding job they did in this case. Their hard work helped secure a conviction that will prevent Harvey from harming the victim and others in the future.”

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