April 13, 2022

Sumrall family offers reward for return of retired military working dog Arras, assumed stolen

Therese Apel

Have you seen Arras? Please return him to his people.
Have you seen Arras? Please return him to his people.

A Lamar County family is missing their dog, but more than that, a soldier is missing his battle buddy.

On April 5, veteran Drew Gay’s retired military working dog Arras went missing on his 7th birthday.

“Arras is a retired United States Army Veteran, having served in both Iraq and Syria with 5th Group Special Forces,” the Gay family wrote in a Facebook post. “After years of loyal and faithful service to our country, my husband retired Arras on November 7th 2019 to provide him with a family of his own and a spoiled life full of love and tennis balls. Arras should be home with his family enjoying the many years of retirement he has left.

“This family includes 3 children who are missing him terribly and his new 2-month-old baby sister that we were excited to watch grow up together. He also leaves behind his 10-month-old dog buddy Hank, who has only ever known Arras since puppyhood. Arras has severe separation anxiety as well as thunderstorm anxiety which we attribute to his years spent as a working dog. We’re missing our boy tremendously and we know that as ‘his people,’ he’s missing us too.”

Have you seen Arras? Please return him to his people.

Arras is a male Dutch Sheperd, brindle colored, neutered, and was not wearing a collar when he went missing, but he is microchipped. The family says Arras is unique in that he doesn’t have a lot of teeth.

“It is our belief that somebody has taken him. He was last seen in Sumrall, Lamar County, Mississippi, but dogs like Arras unfortunately tend to find themselves in less than ideal situations all over the country. Therefore, I’m reaching out as a plea to help for everybody who reads this to please share it, regardless of location! We’re distraught with all of the potential ‘what ifs.’ PLEASE HELP US BRING HIM HOME!”

As of Tuesday, Arras was still missing.

Have you seen Arras? Please return him to his people.

“There has not been a single sighting of him since he went missing a week ago. There is a $2,500 cash reward for the SAFE return of our boy. No questions asked,” the Facebook post reads. “If you do happen to see him deceased or something like that, we would just at least like to get his body back so we can bury him, and we can at least have closure to this because he is a big part of our family and especially for me because I was working in New York City for almost three years, and the whole time that I was there he was like at my hip the entire time. He went to work with me, he went to restaurants with me… we did everything. He was my buddy.”

If you see Arras or have information, you can contact the family at 254-206-7670.

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