March 14, 2022

Meet new Richland Police Chief Nick McLendon

Darkhorse Press

Chief Nick McLendon

By Elijah Mangum, Darkhorse Press Intern

There’s a new chief in town at the Richland Police Department.

Chief Nick McLendon has succeeded longtime Chief Russel James.

“It was a lifelong dream of mine to lead an organization. This is a really good organization. I have been in this organization for over 10 years. I think it is a perfect fit to implement my vision,” said McLendon.

While he is looking to continue the work of his predecessor, he has his own policies for the department as well. His emphasis is on a new initiative known as Constitutional Proactive Accountable Policing or CPAP.

In this initiative, the department will continue to operate under the confines of the constitution and any other relevant case laws. They will be more proactive in enforcing the law while keeping both the actions of the criminals and their officers accountable.

Chief McLendon was sworn in on Feb. 15.

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