March 4, 2022

State Supreme Court denies inmate’s request to disregard plea for expedited execution

Therese Apel

Blayde Grayson

The Supreme Court has refused to let a death row inmate withdraw by way of a written motion a previous request to drop his appeals and be executed.

Justices have ordered Blayde Grayson to appear before a circuit judge so that a judge may ask him “under oath as to whether he wishes to proceed with this motion and waive his appeals.”

Grayson, who is on Death Row for stabbing 78-year-old Minnie Smith of George County to death in 1996, had written a letter to the state requesting to move forward with his execution in December, asking that it be “carried out forthwith.” He referenced the most recent execution in Mississippi — that of David Neal Cox — who asked to skip the rest of the process and move forward with execution. His request was successful.

“God himself said in the book of Judges that the Judge has the final say,” Grayson wrote. “Any judge can see that I’m of the right to sever communication with anyone who tries to hinder the legal progress.”

“Sirs and Ma’ams, I drop my appeals and thank the courts of our nation for doing its burdensome duty,” he wrote. “Please with expedience carry out the justice myself, and the victim’s families and my own family has waited for now 25 plus years.”

Grayson’s lawyer David Voisin submitted a letter a week later saying Grayson still has an appeal pending in federal court and asked justices to deny Grayson’s request. The letter was signed by Grayson.

But the Supreme Court says they can’t take that request back.

“After due consideration, we find that in the light of our Jauary 28, 2022 En Banc Order, Grayson’s motion should be denied,”

At this point, no date has been set for Grayson’s execution.

Blayde Grayson’s letter requesting expedited execution
Ruling on Blayde Grayson request

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